about life style water

Lifestyle water is natural water home delivery service.
Natural water is delivered to your home directly from a water sampling place.
As the feature of the lifestyle water.
It's mentioned that it has the abundant kinds of trial plans in 3 months and servers.


< h 3> kind of a server
In lifestyle water, the desk type, floor putting typewriter and easy easy style water server smart
There are 3 kinds which are so.
< h 6> about the desk type (small) and the floor putting type (large),
The desk type (small) is by the small typewriter which can be placed on the as the name suggests desk.
It'll be width 30cm, depth 30cm and height 54cm (at the time of cover attachment, 79cm).
The floor putting type (large) is with the width and the depth, and the height will be 102cm (at the time of cover attachment, 127cm).
There are black white red blue 4 kinds for the color.
The capacity is 12L both.


< h 6> about easy easy style water server smart,
Easy easy style water server smart is 110 cm of the 30 cm of width and 34 cm more of depth.
A point different from 2 kinds of above?
* A location of the bottle is the server lower part.
* With the child safety lock function.
The point that I say so. The design will be also something different.
The capacity is 12L.


< h 3> about processing of a bottle,
It can be taken out in trash as a plastic bottle after use of a bottle.
Traders don't come to the collection.


< h 3> about the charge,
The charge for lifestyle water, I arrive, and, it's the explanation.
The enrollment fee, a server rental fee and shipping charge aren't necessary for lifestyle water.
The charge for water is 1900 yen for 1 (12L), and an order will be 2 unit, so it costs at least 3800 yen.



< h 3> about penal sum,
The necessary charge is only the price of the water basically, but penal sum sometimes occurs as an exception.
The condition that penal sum occurs below is mentioned.


< h 6> the case which canceled in the lowest use period of a server
A lowest use period is set by the kind of servers.
When canceling in the period, penal sum occurs.
* The desk type and the floor putting type for 1 year
* Easy easy style water server smart for 2 years
When canceling in the period, it's necessary to pay 9500 yen as a server return charge and a washing charge.


But I ask lifestyle water about a trial plan for 3 months, there is something to say.
When this time is within 3 months in case of the first contract, return of a server is possible for free of charge.
The price of the no water (3800 yen) is repaid, so please be careful.


< h 6> the case which had no deliveries continuously for 2 months
The monthly amount of 800 yen occurs as a server rental fee.
But, when making a contact, the charge doesn't generate the effect which would like to suspend a delivery at 1:00 beforehand.
Please contact me next time by 7 days before in a shipping off due date.
When it's within 7 days, 1000 yen occur as an office work handling charge.


< h 6> purchase way in detail
It'll be explained about purchase method in detail from here for the person who doesn't understand purchase method.
Please move from this to a selling agency site first.
A selling agency site->, lifestyle water


Of a site, there is input form in the bottom most, so necessary information will be entered.
There are 5 items altogether.
< h 6>(1) the purchase application of contents
The number of sets
The report cycle
The first time report request date
O is chosen.
Purchase of a bottle is from 2 unit. (1 set = 2)
Time designation can't be delivered.


< h 6>(2) the rental application of contents
The kind of servers and the color are chosen.
Please check it in something of a request.
When changing the kind and the color after contract, it costs a lot of money, so I'll recommend to choose after I often think.


< h 6>(3) subscriber
Please input person's covenanted information (your names and the addresses, etc.).
Entry is indispensable to a red※ space.
Please enter a space besides that as the need arises.


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